Our Story

We are Our Soldiers Spring & Bottled Water Corporation, an innovation in delivering the cleanest and most pure water on the planet. Our company was founded by a US Marine, who recognized firsthand how quickly water became a necessity while on and off the field. But ours is not just any water--it’s a type of water that, after you drink it, you feel a real sense of rejuvenation and restoration in your body.

Seeing other companies who produced “generic” bottled water, it quickly became clear to us that there was room for significant improvement. It’s here where the process of producing world-class water that was above the rest began. A type of water that came from a high-altitude, hidden, single-source, natural spring. But what’s a quest to find the best water without a substantial mission? Specifically, our mission is to raise funds for two superb initiatives--the Semper Fi Fund & Wounded Warriors Project.

The Semper Fi Fund provides immediate financial assistance and lifetime support to post-9/11 combat-wounded, critically ill, and severely injured service members.

Wounded Warrior Project assists injured and disabled veterans with all forms of rehabilitation that are typically not covered by insurance. This is significant because our beloved Soldiers that return home often have a difficult time integrating back into daily life, and they need our help. This is our mission.

Did you know that between 21 and 27 US Soldiers commit suicide per DAY? It’s a tragedy and even more reason why we are on the pursuit to increase awareness about the high rate of suicide among veterans. When we lose a treasured Soldier on the battlefield, we take their weapon, boots, and helmet to create the Soldier’s Battle Cross--in their name. It is our duty to support those who have made, and currently make what we call our country “home,” and they need our help. With your support by purchasing our water, you are helping Our Soldiers in a direct way.

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How can I donate?

If you are interested in donating, please click the Our Soldiers page, where you can directly donate to either charity. All donations go right to the charity, not through Our Soldiers Spring & Bottled Water Corporation. You can also use your kind donation for a future tax deduction.