High Mountain Spring Water

Our Soldiers Spring & Bottled Water Corporation offers the purest and cleanest bottled water in the industry. The sensations your mouth experiences are evident when our water hits your taste buds on the first sip. Some highlights of our high mountain spring water include:

  • Sourced from a hidden spring, deep within the Rocky Mountains
  • From an ultra-high altitude, maintaining cold freshness
  • From a single geothermal source, without being tainted with dangerous chemicals
  • A whopping 9.6 pH, the highest in the industry and market
  • Comes in both 1 liter & half-liter plastic bottles
  • No fluoride added, preventing the risk of contamination

We are dedicated to top-quality water all the way through. In fact, Our Soldiers Spring & Bottled Water Corporation’s founder did not want to source water from the lowlands, such as in the south, because of the presence of subpar elements. There was an opportunity to buy a water spring in the Midwest, but thousands of nearby acres had been sprayed with dangerous pesticides (for decades), with those chemicals seeping into the rivers near the farms. Our high standards were not going to settle this to become our water source.

The Process to Perfection

Our water is sourced 2 miles deep within the Earth. From here, our water passes through an ultra-violet light filter to keep it clean and pure. This is all done within our state-of-the-art bottling facility.

Mother Nature gave us Earth’s raw building blocks to thrive, and it’s our objective to bring that to you in its purest form.

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