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Our Soldiers Corporation, Founded in 2019, is defined by Honor, Character, & Respect for the Soldiers who along with their families made life-altering sacrifices to give us the freedoms we value. We are the soldiers who made it home. We are committed to Reverence for our Fallen through organizations such as the Semper Fi Fund where they provide on-going support for our wounded soldiers. Our Soldiers Corporation, was founded to help those soldiers and to continue our service to this Nation by assisting with the financial needs of all US businesses. If your US business needs funding, please allow former US Soldiers to assist with financing. We can offer great quotes. We have over 90 lenders to help too. We can offer multiple quotes vs one. Please apply at www.OurSoldiers.com, yes any & US businesses!


In Honor of every soldier who made these sacrifices, our founder and CEO, Will Post, created our logo–the placement of the helmet, weapon, boots, and tags to create The Soldiers Cross. The final show of Honor, Character &Respect!